Thursday, 23 November 2017
  • Plane Sunset
  • Lake Eyre

    Lake Eyre - Kati Thanda South Australia

  • The Grampians / Gariwerd

    The Grampians / Gariwerd - Vic

  • The Flinders Ranges - SA

    The Flinders Ranges - SA

  • The Wimmera plains - Vic

    The Wimmera plains - Vic

  • Goyder Lagoon

    Goyder Lagoon - South Australia

  • Ayers Rock

    Uluru NT

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The trip of a lifetime to WA


September News

I have just returned from a memorable 10 day trip around WA with four fabulous adventurers. Highlights were;

 - Seeing an Uluru sunset the same evening after leaving Horsham...when it was minus 4 degrees

 - Flying around the Bungle Bungles

 - Seeing Lake Argyle from the air and ground

 - A memorable flight around the NW coast of WA, we could almost see Timor in the distance (only 500 kms away)

- Wandering along Cable beach in Broome after a lunch stop on Cape Levique

- A flight down the west coast from Broome seeing dozens of Humpback whales and their calves

- Stopping a couple of days at Coral Bay on the Ningaloo reef and enjoying the warm water and wildlife. Including the Shark Sanctuary where dozens of reef sharks circled in the shallows just meters from the beach. 

 - Seeing the Super Pit at Kalgoorlie - monstrous!

- A flight along the Great Australian Bight at low level

 - Seeing yet more whales - this time Southern Right whales and their calves literally everywhere at the Head of the Bight!

- A low level flight over Kangaroo Island and then to the Coorong in SA - very spectacular


Check out my facebook page for pictures. You'll be amazed and want go yourself!





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